Frequently Asked Questions

Your most sought after support and maintenance queries answered

Does my chosen hosting provider make a difference?2018-10-01T10:36:28+00:00

We can work with any hosting provider you choose as long as it doesn’t affect the website’s performance. However, if we find your website is lagging due to an outdated software or a shared server of your provider we shall recommend to upgrade or change your hosting provider.

Is there any limit to CDN bandwith usage?2019-01-18T13:20:43+00:00

Yes. We do have a fair usage policy. If your bandwidth usage goes beyond 200 GB in a month, a separate invoice will be sent apart from subscription charges.

How will I be charged?2018-10-01T11:28:35+00:00

After you have signed up for your desired plan and completed the checkout process, you will be charged on your debit or credit card. We accept almost all payment methods like Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express and also payments through PayPal. You will be billed on a recurring basis monthly or yearly based on your subscription.

Do I get any discounts?2018-10-01T10:56:41+00:00

Yes you do. If you choose an yearly subscription plan you get two months free. Apart from that you can always keep a lookout for our seasonal promotions offering various perks.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my plan?2018-11-08T15:40:29+00:00

Yes you can change your plan anytime. If you think your site needs a bit of extra care or perhaps it only needs some minor maintenance work, then just drop us an email and we will change your plan parameters according to your preferences.

Do you provide custom development?2018-10-01T10:47:09+00:00

We don’t offer custom development for the time being. But for members who need custom development services, we do refer them to our trusted development agencies.

Do you provide bug fixes?2018-10-01T10:45:47+00:00

It depends on the severity of the problem. We’ll take care of it if it is a minor bug which won’t take up too much resource time. We don’t however tackle complex bugs as their solution may require custom development.

Can my plan cater to multiple websites?2018-10-01T11:41:57+00:00

All our plans are designed to cater to individual websites. We do work with multisite networks but each site requires its own separate plan.

Are there any binding contracts?2018-10-01T11:41:17+00:00

There are no binding contracts whatsoever. You can join us if our services suit your needs and leave us whenever you feel our partnership is not working for you.

Do you offer white label support?2018-10-01T11:39:38+00:00

Yes we do. Agencies and freelancers can join our white label program and leverage our professional services for their clients.

How does your onboarding process work?2018-10-01T10:08:50+00:00

You can complete the onboarding process by getting through a few simple steps:

  • Just choose the plan that suits you best and sign in to complete the checking out process.
  • After you’ve signed up we’ll send a welcoming email which will come included with instructions on how to securely send your WP admin and hosting credentials.
  • After we have received your credentials, our engineers will start implementing the necessary enhancements specifically required to optimize your site.
  • The optimization process may take around 3 to 5 business days to fully implement.
  • After your plan has been implemented, we shall send you an email with login credential giving access to our ticketing system.
  • Once you have access to our ticketing system you can start lodging requests for any edits or tweaks you need to get done on your site.
Do you provide hosting?2018-10-01T10:22:24+00:00

No we do not. However, based on the review of your site and your optimal hosting requirements we shall give referrals on our hosting partners best suited to your needs.

Do you offer support for Woocommerce based websites?2018-10-01T11:31:15+00:00

Yes we do. Our Standard and Pro packages include full support for e-commerce integrated websites.

What is your refund policy?2018-09-12T13:40:17+00:00

We offer a complete money back guarantee within the first 30 days of purchase. If during said time you are not satisfied with our services and do not want to continue working with us, we shall fully refund your payment and end the subscription.

How do you communicate with your customers?2019-01-25T13:21:07+00:00

Members can use our ticketing system to lodge requests for any edits required on their websites. We also provide regular support through livechat and emails for further assistance.

We also offer developer consultation in our Pro Packages. Members can consult on technical issues related to their website for a total of 3 hours max per month.

Can I expect hack cleanups?2018-09-12T13:10:16+00:00

Whether your website has been infected by malware, your server has crashed or the website’s been hacked, we offer a fast website restore solution in our standard and pro packages.

What does it really mean when you say unlimited edits?2018-09-12T11:53:04+00:00

Any small job that can be completed within 30 minutes comes under our unlimited edits offer and you can have as many of these done as you want.
What’s included:
Changing logo/image which you provide, add a product to your store or add a blog post to your blog with provided content , change some text of a particular page, install and configure a plugin settings, minor Ui changes to layout of the page.
What’s not:
Creating a logo, writing blog post content , custom development , custom plugin development , a bug fix that takes more than 30 minutes and is not a trivial one.

What is your usual response time?2018-10-02T12:54:48+00:00

Our official response time is within 1 to 2 business days max however on a typical business day turnaround time for a small job remains within 2 to 4 hours. Regarding rushed jobs which are available in our Pro package, we make sure to cater to our premium members on a priority basis.

Response time also depends on the complexity of the task, for instance if a single request ticket contains multiple tasks sent at once we shall break each task down and deal with them separately. Each task will be taken as a separate small job which would consequently increase the total response time of the request ticket.

What are your regular operation hours?2018-10-01T10:12:11+00:00

Our regular business hours are from 10 a.m to 7 p.m (UTC+5). However if emergency situations like crashed servers or hacked websites arise, we make sure to deal with them even after business hours and on weekends.