WordPress Website Design Trends to Follow in 2019

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WordPress is one of the most popular CMS in the market with more than 30% of the world’s websites using it. But the website design and UX trends have started to change. As we have entered a new year many new businesses have started to experiment on their websites. Testing and figuring out what should be done to create an increase in engagement and conversion rates.

But nothing is definite as one design may be attractive for one group of users while others may find it dull or uninspiring. In the blog, we have listed some of the most user-friendly trends which could be followed by a majority of WordPress websites in the ecosystem.   


Even though every website designer researches a great deal on what kind of font should be used for their site. But in this age of digital change and accessibility, users prefer a more subtle and vibrant font. The written text which they see should be eye catching.

The ratio of the width of text to the space between characters is usually only focused when writing a blog. But now users want to see well-designed text on the content as well as the layout of headers and footers on the website.

Creating a pleasant design of text and using relevant spacing where needed should also be considered while writing a blog . Even though every WordPress website is perceived differently due to the choice of their fonts but some older fonts are considered irrelevant these days.  

Video header

Most WordPress websites are shifting towards Video headers rather than using simple headers. Video headers have become very popular as users enjoy watching visual content. Website design and development agencies are focusing more and more on using visual representation on websites.

Going forward video headers will be highlighted more on websites. That’s mainly because the design of websites seem to miss a crucial element of engagement if they don’t use video headers.


The use of animations have always been the center of design and creating a better user experience. Motion graphic, scrolling effects, and all background videos are custom animated to create a better user experience of the Website.

The new change can be seen through the rise of SVG graphics. It is largely used by website developers as it uses less space and doesn’t lose quality when rendered or resized while creating a web animation.


Colors are the most significant part of a website design. Users are attracted to more vibrant colors as compared to dark shades which make the website more professional. Choose a color which looks pleasant and makes the website more appealing to the eye.

The concept of color and color combinations is a new trend for this year. Many WordPress websites are focusing on creating a good blend of colors for the layout and theme of their sites.

Card Layout

Websites are now created into short parts to make it easier to understand for the user. The card layout has become important due to the fact it helps the website to be responsive.

Short forms of information can easily be provided. Many businesses are slowly turning towards card layout themes because they display a simple and straightforward approach. Huntington is a responsive portfolio theme which uses card layout to display their content.


The menu on a WordPress website has different looks according to the theme and design a site follows. But this year a simpler design can be seen via the hamburger menu or even a main display where there is no menu at all.

No menu and header looks are seen more and more even though it is difficult for a user to search other things on the web page. However, this new design trend may be a bit divisive because for some it may be difficult to navigate while others find it more clear and crisp.

Limited pages

WordPress Website designers should create a site which can easily attract users just by taking a glance on their website. But people don’t have time to go through pages after pages to find information. So the latest trends are indicating towards creating limited pages for your website.

One page layouts for landing pages are very popular because they create amazing conversion rates. One Page Love is an excellent resource for one page website templates.

Creating limited pages are better because customers get all the required information without navigating too much. This allows them to easily decide on using the product or service.

Responsive site

A WordPress website needs to be responsive, as the world is mobile now. They require a website which is mobile friendly and looks crisp and clear on any mobile device. Most web designers focus on developing a beautiful site which looks appealing to the eye but in the process forget the real issue of it being responsive.

Developers should create a responsive design which users can easily access on desktops and mobile devices alike. Google also recommends websites to be responsive because users are accessing the web on mobile devices far more than ever before.


There is no certainty to WordPress website design and UX trends because you never know what users would like. But these trends can be seen more significantly in the coming months. Since many businesses are testing new ways and sharing different ideas to increase traffic on their websites there is going to be a very big list of trends to follow this year.

Making these minor changes on the UI/UX design on your WordPress website will give users the ease of use and accessibility that’ll make them keep coming back to your site.


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